XPS Shipping Solutions

Your Shipping Solution.

XPS is a multidimensional shipping company that focuses with a focus on regional inventory transfers, retail distribution, and immediate freight hauling or ‘hot shotting’. By carefully selecting our shipping regions and placing an emphasis on logistics, XPS significantly reduces shipping overhead. XPS has moved commercial shipping into a new level of efficiency resulting in considerable cost savings to our clients.

Inventory Transfers

XPS makes your company's regional division-to-division or business-to-business inventory transfers easy and efficient. Our logistics department keeps your shipments on schedule while XPS's regional focus improves your bottom line. Learn More

Oil Field Hot Shot

Need equipment or supplies in a rush? Keep your business focus on-site by letting XPS handle shipping and logistics details. Call our 24/7 Hot Shot line for details and an immediate shipping response. 24/7 Hot Shot Line: (325)330-3297 Learn More

Retail Distribution

At XPS we understand that your retail business is dependent on quality service and frequent on-time deliveries. Because of this we give all of our retail clients a dedicated number to immediately reach and speak with a logistics representative. This results in 100% tracking of your inventory while maintaining flexibility to change your delivery times and locations with a simple phone call. Learn More